3rd International Conference

Digital Entrepreneurship : Technology, Transformation, Talent Development and Business Model Innovation

27-28 March 2020
Presidency University, Bengaluru, India

About the conference

Digital entrepreneurs are deploying emerging disruptive technologies and transforming the century old norms, forms and processes of doing business and creating superior value for their customers. The changes are abrupt and irrevocable. Competition is worldwide and cut-throat. Innovation and flawless execution are ‘mantras’ for success. Digital Enterprises are utilizing the enabling power of the cutting-edge technologies (particularly social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing solutions) for creation and delivery of exceptional customer value, harvesting huge dividends and inspiring brilliant minds to invent new business models. Journey of a new industrial revolution, ‘Industry 4.0’, has begun, which in turn is fostering digital entrepreneurial activity and accelerating development of “Digital Start-Ups”.

n this context of the conference on Digital entrepreneurship, Presidency University, Bangalore aims to bring divergent perspectives in academia as well as industry practices for fruitful discussions and research outcomes in the Third International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship: Technology, Transformation, Talent Development, and Business Model Innovation on March 27-28, 2020. The University belongs to Presidency Group of Institutions which holds a proud history of 40 years of academic excellence and was also awarded as ‘Best University of the Year 2018-South’ by ASSOCHAM, India.


The theme of 3rd International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship evolved from the flames of two previous conferences and one workshop which revealed that the forthcoming Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship must focus on the Emerging Disruptive Technology, Radical Business Transformation, Talent Development and Business Models for catching the rising S - Curve of ‘Industry 4.0’ revolution. The insights and analysis presented in this conference are expected to provide guidance for future deliberations and set the agenda for digital entrepreneurship research, enterprise development, and policy formulation in this domain.


  • Objectives of this conference are to:
  • Provide a platform for leading stakeholders from diverge background to present their vision, research results, experiences and opinions.
  • Create an international community for digital entrepreneurship research, to understand; what works where, when, how and why, and what does not?
  • Link Entrepreneurship with sustainability and to understand, how sustainable transformative entrepreneurial practices and processes can find a place in this new ‘Industry 4.0’ digital landscape.
  • Produce policy, program, and institutional recommendations which will encourage innovations in digital entrepreneurial research and practice.
  • Disseminate this knowledge as widely as possible amongst academicians, researchers and entrepreneurs globally.

Call for Papers and Cases

Academicians, Thought Leaders, Policy-Makers, Entrepreneurs and Research Scholars, Students, Practitioners and Social Activists from all around the globe are invited to submit their papers, posters, case studies, success stories and stories of firsthand entrepreneurial experience. Those who wish to make presentations related to the conference theme are also welcome.

Presenters are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts and paradigms for discussions. Papers and Case Studies should be based on original recent research. The poster presentation should be based on new research ideas, propositions or ongoing projects on digital entrepreneurship. The papers should address the conference theme as well as the following subthemes.


Delegates are invited to present papers, cases, and experiences under the following broad subareas:

1: Emerging Technology:
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual/ Augmented Reality(VR/AR) and Sensor Technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Changing Paradigms of Digital Entrepreneurship
  • 5G Networks, Blockchain and Internet of Every Things (IOE) – New Opportunities & Challenges
  • Serverless Computing, Robotics, Biometrics, 3D Technology and Drone
  • Green Computing: Technology as Green Enablers
  • Emerging Sustainable Waste Management Technologies
  • Sustainable Innovations and Innovative Technologies
  • Other Emerging Disruptive Digital Technologies

  • 2: Business Transformation:
  • Disruptive Digital Processes and Applications that are changing the Business Ecosystems
  • Intelligent Digital Process Automation and Business Value Chain Transformation
  • Digital Process Innovation changing the paradigms of New Products and Service Development
  • Emerging Low Cost and Effective Digital Processes and Business Solutions for MSME Sectors
  • Others Business Transformation Models in various fields

  • 3: Talent Development:
  • Impact of Digitalization on Work Culture, Education, Employment and Consumer Behaviour.
  • Skill Requirements, Product Lifecycle Approaches and Management Practices of Digital Age
  • Social Security, Privacy and other punitive measures for Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship.
  • Regulatory Frameworks for prevention of misuse of Artificial Intelligence and other New Technologies
  • Other Talent Development Models

  • 4: Business Model Innovation:
  • Disruptive Digital Technologies and Emerging Transformative Business Models
  • AI, Cloud, Robotics and Data Analytics: The New Enablers of Product and Business Model Innovation
  • Operation, Optimizations and Service Delivery Models
  • Renewable Energy Managements in Digital Business Model
  • Development of Sustainable Digital Business Model
  • Sustainability Impact Assessment Models and Tools
  • Other Innovation Models

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission – December 21, 2019
  • Abstract Acceptance – January 15, 2020
  • Full Paper Submission Date – February 14, 2020
  • Review Comments – February 28, 2020
  • Final Submission Date – March 9, 2020

Papers should be e-mailed to the Conference Chair at the mail-id: [email protected]
The last Date for Papers and Cases to be included in the Book of Abstracts: March 09, 2020.

Paper Submission

Book of Abstracts:

All abstracts accepted for presentation in this conference will be published in the ‘Book of Abstracts’ with ISBN and will be released during the inaugural session of the conference, if payment of registration is received before deadline.

Associated Journals:

All full papers of this conference will also be reviewed by respective Journal reviewing teams.

The authors interested to publish their paper in journal can choose any one any of the following ABDC/Scopus/ Google Scholar/ UGC Care listed journals depending on the policies and peer-review policies of the journal in question.

The publication period may differ according to the journal and publisher of a particular journal. It may take 3 months to 1 year of time and the publication time period completely depends on the publisher of the journal.

Associated Case Publisher:

ET Cases is the Publishing Partners of Presidency University’s 3rd International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship. Authors should adhere to the Format, Guidelines, and Review process of ET Cases. 

Best Paper Award:

Full Paper and Case submitted and presented at the conference will be considered for Best Paper award in each category (Academician, Research Scholar, Corporates, Practitioners and Start-ups) and will receive cash prize of ? 10,000. All paper presenters will receive ‘Certificate of Participation’

The criteria for selection of the Best Paper Award will include the parameters like:

  • Originality of Research
  • Quality of Discussions
  • Impact of the Study
  • Presentation Skills.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  • Length of an abstract should not exceed the limit of 800 - 1000 words.
  • Paper abstract should be in Times New Roman font with font size 12, clearly mentioning Name of author(s), Title of paper, affiliated organization, Contact number & Email ID of authors. Key words of the article should be given.
  • Referencing should strictly be as per APA guidelines.
  • All submission are to be presented formally by the authors. Each Presenter will be given 15 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Conference language is English.
  • For the abstract/full paper to be included in the proceedings, at least one author must register. In case of joint authorship, if more than one author wishes to attend the conference then each author must register independently.
  • The abstract, only if registered will be part of the ‘Book of Abstracts’.
  • Selected papers will be reviewed by a panel for publication in the selected Journals.
  • Soft copy of the paper e-mailed to the Conference Chair at the mail-id: [email protected]

Registration Fees

Foreign Delegates/ Academicians/ NRI USD 350 USD 300
Foreign Research Scholars/ Students/ USD 250 USD 200
Indian Corporate Delegates ₹ 5000 ₹ 4000
Indian Academicians ₹ 2500 ₹ 2000
Indian Research Scholars ₹ 1500 ₹ 1000
Indian Students ₹ 1000 ₹ 500

**All are eligible for Early Bird Discount, if we receive the registration fees on or before 31st January, 2020.

*** The registration fees includes Participant Fee, Conference Kit, High Tea, and Lunch.

Participants are requested to register by filling the online registration form. In multi-authored Papers, one of the authors must register for publication of their abstract in conference proceedings. A single author presenting multiple entries should register for each paper.

Important Download

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Conference Chair

Professor Swapan Kumar Majumdar

Presidency University, Bangalore

Mob Number: +91 -76650 12366

Email ID: [email protected]

 Conference Conveners:

Dr. P. Srinivasan   Dr. Akhila Udupa    Dr. Pratika Mishra   Dr. Nisha Saha   Dr. G. Sathis Kumar

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 Organizing Secretary:

Dr. Kunal Saxena        Dr. Shikha Manchanda        Dr. Samiran Jana     Dr. P. K. Pandey        Dr. Rosewine Joy

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